We all love the end result, a gorgeous new bag, a piece of clothing or homeware, but how did it happen?

Here I'll share some insight into the sometimes arduous, (yet wonderful) process, of finally having a new upcycled design online and ready for its new forever home.

Design Work

This is the beginning, good design takes hours of work, so many prototypes and re-works (sometimes known as failures), before the moment you say, 'YES', 'nailed it', 'love it', and it's the birth of a new design. Templates are then drafted and variations noted (there can be many). This process never ends, so many ideas and so little time!

The Find

My favourite thing to do, the hunt is on, eyes peering through endless racks. Many hours are spent sourcing suitable textiles and other items. When you find that special item, you have all the possibilities going through your mind. Our pre-loved items are all purchased from charity stores, this is our first point at giving back to the community, saving from landfill is our second for the environment.

Getting Pre-loved items ready to use

Once purchased all items need thorough washing. All textiles are soaked, washed and hung out in the sun. Pressed and folded carefully to be used at a later date. Other items such as jewellery and ceramics etc. are washed carefully by hand. Great care is taken to offer quality upcycles.

Matching Designs and Fabrics

This is SOOO much fun, letting the imagination go wild and match textiles together in awesome combinations. Never underestimate the mess you can get into looking at all the possibilities laid out in front of you : )


Time consuming, yet satisfying. Unlike store purchased fabric, where you can get right into construction, to upcycle you need to deconstruct, deconstruct, deconstruct. Did I mention deconstruct! its an often overlooked part of the upcycle process. Pockets, zips, waistband, keepers, all removed, seams taken apart and ready for its next life. This process is usually saved for chill time and when the brain needs a rest, just add music!

Putting Designs Together

Sounds simple... remember, only one of each design variation is ever made. It's time to see which elements go best with which design template, then to work out what unique features each will have. A new collection is coming to life.


Finally each handmade design comes together, meticulously sewn with care by me, Desiree-b and my crazy high standards. They will be machine and hand sewn using quality products. Final touches such as hardware and jewellery elements will be added where used. I definitely feel personally connected to all the designs I make.

Photography and Website Uploading

Almost done... photos are taken either in-store or outdoors, often showcasing the stunning Bribie Island I call home (Sooo grateful and thankful to live here).  Images are then uploaded to the website ready for you to enjoy, and hopefully fall in love with my latest collection drop.

Finally and Thankyou

Well, that was a lot of work... Having the upcycle process appreciated and understood is a vital part of understanding the value of our work. Let's make 'upcycling' the new normal, and see it as a viable alternative to new.

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read.

Desiree~b xx


The design process