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Small Crossbody Bag - Playful Plaid

Small Crossbody Bag - Playful Plaid


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Small Crossbody Bag - Upcycled

Only one of these made, truly and uniquely, one-of-a-kind.

Feeling light and beachy!

The perfect light weight, minimal, hands-free bag.
When you need your phone and a few extras.

  • Front exterior pocket detail.
  • Front flap (magnetic closure), with bead detail (from pre-loved necklace).
  • Padded front and back, to help protect your contents.
  • Long crossbody strap 115cm.
  • Made with upcycled, pre-loved canvas drill and linen.
  • All textiles have been thoroughly washed and sanitized.
  • New items added - metal rings, clip, interfacings.
  • Labels - Brand label, durable paper (The same material your jean labels are often made from). Cotton internal label.
  • Slightly wider than the Crossbody Phone Bag.
  • CARE: Due to the content of unknown mixed fibers and dye stability, it is recommended to not wash this item.
  • Dimensions: 21cm High (main bag) x 18cm Wide x 1cm Deep
    (Dimensions may vary slightly due to the handmade process).


Our one-of-a-kind designs are handmade on Bribie Island, QLD, Australia. All are designed and made by Desiree-b.

Each design tells a unique story, merging sustainability and style seamlessly.

Designs are made from carefully chosen pre-loved mixed textiles of mainly unknown content. All have been selected by Desiree-b.

Worn, torn and variable materials form the unique characteristics of these handmade designs and are design features.

As with any pre-loved textiles there may be slight signs of wear. Designs are either mindful to work around these, or they are used as a design feature. Images will show these features when used.


Simply, for our planet and our future.

Embracing and supporting the circular economy is about re-using resources that are already in circulation. Upcycling unwanted and discarded items into something new and wonderful, is giving them a new life and reducing the demand on new resources.

Lets stop sending textiles and useful items to landfill and upcycle them into something beautiful, useful and sustainable.

And you'll have a totally unique, one-of-a-kind design :) xx



We all love the end result, a gorgeous new bag, a piece of clothing or homeware, but how did it happen?

CLICK HERE and I'll share some insight into the sometimes arduous, (yet wonderful) process, of finally having a new upcycled design online and ready for its new forever home.

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